Tips to Maximize Acodaweb Marketplace as a Seller

For Physical Goods Sellers

1) Sell more, grow big, then smile:  We’re committed to helping sellers like you to increase their sells and grow big.

2) Free traffic on product: Send your product link for a free promotion. Let us put our robot specialist to work by driving thousands of real targeted online shoppers who can genuinely buy your product. Again, this service is 100% free. Set up our seller’s account now let’s start.


3) Prepare shipping labels: Get your shipping labels ready, so as to ship out products as orders come in. Get shipment to buyers on time and get high review ratings from shoppers. We can help you to generate shipping return label in case they want to return item; though in many cases the buyer won’t return item due to the amazing benefits they get from Acodaweb..

4) Sell with coupon code: Generate coupon codes and let buyers use and shop their favorite products. When you create a coupon code, we will verify before allowing it to display on coupon code page on the website.


5) Free items: Both physical and digital goods can be listed for free. You can double your sells by offering free items. Yes you heard me right. Display free product and have buyers get it if they buy any of your recommended products. Wow, that’s amazing right!

6) Cross and up sells: Our robots handle up sell, and cross sells like ABC. Provide bundle or single items to be sole and our robot will do the magic. When you set up grouping products from dashboard, sells drastically grow as the robots will group products together and recommend them for buyers to buy with great smiles.

7) Keep an eye open: Above all, watch your price as buyers are sensitive to price. Low price generate more sells and a high turn-over, which then leads to increase in profit.


To be a top seller and improve the quality of lives with your products, start selling on Acodaweb marketplace and fulfill that objectives by clicking the link to sign up for free:

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