From our experience of effectively offering great items, we realize that not each request goes flawlessly inevitably, but rather if things don’t go as arranged, AcodaWeb arrives to offer assistance. This page portrays key return-related information and traces general return strategies and forms.

AcodaWeb is focused on your satisfaction. We need you to be as satisfied with your order as we are here to serving you. You might give back any items in their unique, unused condition in the event that you are not satisfied for a full return of the stock quality. We will happily acknowledge your return within 21 days of date of conveyance.

AcodaWeb offers a 21 day return approach for items we offer directly. In the event that something turns out badly with a qualified item and you inform us within 21 days of accepting the item, we will help you to achieve an agreeable determination, for example, an arrival for substitution, trade, or reimbursement.

Following 21 days, our return policy terminates and reimbursements/ returns/ trades are no more secured.  Be that as it may, in the event that you are dissatisfied with an item for any reason and the return policy has terminated, you can in any case get in touch with us at (781) 996 0649 and we will attempt to help in the event that we can.

In the event that you ordered and purchased any form of digital goods, and want to return, when you return an item, there may be different return options depending on the seller, based on the reason for return or the item bought.  There will only be a full refund of the cost price of the digital product, excluding Maintenance fee.

Also, buyers of hardware applications should ensure that they read seller’s product policy, communicate with vendor before buying the product.

Necessity for a Justifiable Physical Return Process

  • Proof of procurement (request number, receipt, and so on)
  • Reasons for return must be substantial and return acknowledgment conditions met (look at underneath)
  • Return system
  • Refund system that you might want and the important data related (financial balance number, and so on.)
  • Return form returned with the item

Should there be any thing damaged because of our transportation, please contact our team within of 24 hours for claim purposes. Keep in mind to send back all items including the free and promotion items that accompanied the purchase. If forgotten, the return will not be accepted.  Note:  that you must first receive the item before it can be returned. Also, buyers will always be responsible and liable for any return shipping cost

* Buyers and sellers should understand that the Promotion code or coupons are subject to expire anytime.

Buyers will be in charge of paying for their own delivery costs for returning your item. Shipping expenses are non-refundable. In the event that you get a refund, the expense of return transportation will be deducted from your discount.  We recommend you send your return via an insured carrier.  We are not responsible for lost returns. There are no returns, or refunds for international orders on bulky goods (buying goods in large quantity). For your convenience please check the Size Chart each time before placing an international purchase of goods in large quantity.


  • Enlistment of Complaint: Register your objection before the arrival strategy terminates.
  • Complaint Review: Within 48 hours, your solicitation will be evaluated by us (and the vender, if appropriate).
  • Complaint Feedback: After your objection is audited, your item might be approved for return by AcodaWeb contingent upon the ‘General Return Policy Eligibility‘ elements portrayed previously.   In the event that arrival is not approved, this will be spoken alongside the pertinent reasons. On the off chance that arrival is approved, you will be sent an approval alongside suitable data on where to drop off the Item.
  • Return of Item: If return is approved, you will be requested that arrival the item inside of the time span conveyed while guaranteeing that:
  • The item is returned in its unique bundling with all frill in place
  • The item is in the same condition it was in when conveyed / delivered
  • The receipt is included with the explanation behind return composed for it
  • Return Confirmation:  Once your return is gotten you will get an affirmation; however in the event that the item does not meet the criteria required for #4 – Return of Item, your return might be declined. It would be ideal if you take note of that this affirmation is basically an affirmation of the return and not of any imperfection, and so forth as the thing has not been reviewed completely.
  • Resolution Processing: Depending on the accurate issue and whether the thing was sold by AcodaWeb, last determination after return affirmation might happen rapidly or might take longer. Situations including generally definite investigations or examinations might take longer.
  • Last Resolution: Your repair, substitution, discount or exchange will be en route to you.


All third-party sellers who shipping internationally must provide a return address within the United States. And the vendor must provide a return shipping address withing their country if an item needed to be return. Seller must provide a prepaid return label, or give a full refund without demanding such items be returned.


When we get your item, we your item is received y the seller, they will examine it and inform you that they have gotten your returned item. Then we will promptly inform you on the status of your Refund in the wake of inspecting the item. On the off chance that your arrival is affirmed, we will start a Refund to your sole system for payments. You will get the credit within a specific measure of days, contingent upon your account bank/issuer’s policies.

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