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Buyers of Digital Products

While some products are tangible and can be ship to
buyer’s location, some are intangible(digital goods)
When you buy a digital product, go into your email account
and download product files. This type of good may require
maintenance. That’s why we recommend you to join our
amazing platform built to handle ongoing projects as such.
To find out how it works and sign up for free: CLICK HERE

Buying Globally(Tangible goods)

Free shipping on orders over $30, and must be from one seller; less than 15 Lbs; it must be within the country. International shipping has a cost despite the item price or it weight. Product must be ready made; must not exceed 300 Lbs. If good weigh more and in large quantity, or to be ship by water, seller and buyer are require to use our powerful platform built for large scale transactions. To find out? Click Here

Seller of Digital Products

In dashboard, click product title, then click add new product,
upload product images; check the downloadable and virtual boxes. Then scroll down and click (Download option) to set up product details. (Click add files) to upload the product files. Sell with free item; bundle items to sell together. Offer product services? sign up at our powerful platform built  to handle ongoing maintenance services. Then connect with buyer to enter a business deal. Click on Check It Now to find out how it works

International Shipping(physical goods)

Free shipping on all orders within the country. Across the country orders has a shipping cost. Buyer is responsible for the shipping cost. If goods weighs over 300 pounds and to ship by water, the seller and buyer can not use acodaweb to complete such transaction. they can enter a business deal on our platform that support this type of transaction. To find out, click the link
Click Here

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Buying in large quantity


No international order for goods weighing above 300 Pounds to be ship by water to buyer.If the item is above 300 pounds, Vendor can invite the buyer on our secure platform built for large continental transaction that are to be ship to buyer by water. Buyer can discuss on acodaweb with supplier or away, then invite the supplier to use our escrow system built to protect their transaction. To find out, click link: Marketplace 


Wanting to buy or sell goods in large quantity? The buyer and supplier can use Acodaweb platform to make all commercial arrangements and pre-establish a business deal; then move to use our secure escrow system designed to protect both the buyer and supplier for a save transaction. To visit the site and find out how it works: GO HERE


Acodaweb helps with shipping cost to make it affordable for goods ship within the country. International orders weighing above 300 pounds entails high shipping cost if ship by air. If it is ship by water, Item will most likely to be law regulated at the borders, and it usually take above 21 days to be delivered; and buyer won’t have enough time to return item if needed. 


Searching for coupons online to shop is time consuming. With us, buyers will get the best shopping experience ever; sellers provide coupon codes and more for you to shop your most favorite goods. Enjoy the great way to shop discounted items on Acodaweb and save more money: Click to: Start shopping


Returning an item is easy, contact us for a prepaid return shipping label or contact the seller to get return shipping label. Print and put the label with the ordered item and take it to the carrier’s location; if no time to do so, call the carrier and schedule a pick up time. Some carriers will require you to pay at home pick up service.


A special day of your friend or family member’s life is around; order favorite goods have the seller gift wrap it to be received with honor and joy. Add a lovely message with your order for the receiver. Track order in real time to see how product is delivered. Get a lovely thank you for making their day special 

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